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Quality controlling process on porcelain insulators:


All of our products in our factory have passed through a very strict quality controlling system.


1. Raw material selecting

We will select high quality raw material, both chemical and physical inspection will be conducted on all type of raw materials. After inspection finished, the qualified raw material will be marked and stored separately for further production.


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2. “6S” production management

Our “6S” production management makes the stable quality of products. We have more than 20 specialists in leading our manufacturing process. Most of our workers are from insulators manufacturing family. Thus, experienced manufacturing makes the quality controlling system exceed more smoothly.


3. Complete Testing procedure

We have a full set testing facilities for products inspection. All products confirm to international quality standards - IEC,BS, ANSI, AS, DIN and GB. We are strictly comply with test procedure doing related tests, for example, each insulators must be routine tested , sample tests must be done on each lot against different Standards.


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4. Customers’ satisfaction

We are always committed to the development and production of products to attain our Customers’ requirements. Customers’ satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. With high quality, competitive prices and excellent professional service, we gain very good reputation in the word.





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