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Glazed Lightning Arrester Insulator 66kV Surge Arrester

Glazed Lightning Arrester Insulator 66kV Surge Arrester

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    Glazed Lightning Arrester Insulator


    Porcelain Lightning Arrester Insulator


    66kV Surge Arrester

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    Transmission And Distribution Of Electric Power
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    IEC 60168
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Glazed Lightning Arrester Insulator 66kV Surge Arrester

Glazed Lightning Arrester Insulator 66kV surge arrester





1. Our insulators have externally attached caps and bases. A highly engineered cementing system transfers the load uniformly from the hardware into the porcelain body.

2. Each insulator body is made from the highest quality clay raw materials that have been processed to be fully vitrified porcelain. The body is glazed to add strength to improve surface appearance, and enhance clean-ability.

3. Either chocolate brown or Munsell gray glaze is available. caps and flanges are ferrous, hot dip galvanized. thread holes are proper tapped.






8/20µS Residual voltage of lightning impulse current kV(Peak value)-----at 5kA(kV) 178
Residual voltage of switching impulse current kV (peak value)----at 1kA (kV) 137
1mA D.C reference voltage (kV) 96
Line discharge level 1
2mS long duration impulse current A 400
4/10µS High current impulse kA 100
Lightning impulse withstand kV 325
Power frequency voltage withstand(dry/wet)kV 140
0.1S TOV--------------kV 79.2
1S TOV----------------kV 75.9
10S TOV---------------kV 72.6
1200S TOV-------------kV 66
Creepage distance ----mm 2500
Material employed in series non-linear resistor Zinc Oxide



Glazed Lightning Arrester Insulator 66kV Surge Arrester 0


Technical requirements:

1. Glaze: Brown
2. Creepage distance: 4250mm   Length: 1700mm

3. Weight: 88.0kgs

4. Flange material: Aluminum alloy or stainless steel

4. Package type: Wooden case




Ceramic pillar insulators are used for insulation and support of live parts in outdoor power plants, distribution devices and electrical equipment of power frequency AC substations.



Competitive advantages:


Reasonable insulation structure high reliability of inter-turn insulation.

Small volume light weight

Stainless steel flange low magnetic inductivity high resistivity.

Convenient transportation and flexible installation.

Low loss

Low temperature rise

High mechanical strength, strong weather ability.

Outstanding crack resistance.

Low thermal expansion coefficient